Fresh Start

If you know anything about my work in the past, then you would know that I have been seemingly quite for a while now. I used to be very, very active in my community here in Nashville; and I was also a somewhat strong voice in the interwebs for a little while. The God's honest truth is that I have actually been working and being commissioned for my photography for a few years now; however, I sort of fell off of the proverbial map for a little while. 

I met my bride a while back and ever since then, I wanted our time to be just that: our time. We're 6 months in now, and I'm ready to get back to the grindstone and start loving people better again. This also means that I'm more pumped than ever to jump back into the creative community here in Nashville and around the country/globe/universe (#MakeAlienPortraits). 

This is the first of what I hope will be many posts to follow. WHAT TO EXPECT moving forward IS - drum roll please - I aim to make this area of my website into a long form Instagram caption essentially. I know that you technically can do that on the app, but I like the idea of using my website as my soapbox. I don't want to spam people who may be uninterested in a more long form caption on the app, but I also want to give back to my audience a little more than just a snarky or witty caption. 

Thanks for all the continued support as I sing my song back into the world. Cheers!