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Myers-Briggs: INTJ /  Enneagram: Type 1

My name is Michael Galo, and I create custom content for individuals, companies and non-profits. I am currently based in the heart of Music City, USA, where I've been born and raised. 

Graphic Design is a relatively new found side hustle, which is quickly turning into a very exciting job. While my work hasn't had the time just yet to have been awarded the accolades my photo work has, I have already been gaining commissions with some very exciting clients such as Francesca Battistelli, Brandon Heath and others. For more information on the the type of design I do, check out my design page. 

My photo work as been featured on TwentyFour (app), Poler Stuff (outfitter), Instagram (app), OKDOTHIS (app) Picastock (website), and also among others. I photographed the United Nashville Conference, and won contests such as the 5x5 Franklin Photo Contest and Joby Inc Mobile Photo Contest. I have done product advertising game with clients such as Salemtown Board Co, Arvo Wear, Krochet Kids Intl. & Wild Life Prints. I have started working in the stock photography world as a contributor to Picsastock, iStock and PhotoDune. 

While I love domestic work in Nashville, my curiosity has led me to photograph in some of the world's greatest locations. I have been fortunate enough to photograph internationally in the following countries: England, Saba, St. Maarten, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Vatican City, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Spain, Malta, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Slovakia, Australia, Chile, and Peru.


Graphic Design
Design to me seems to be more of a mindset than a learned skill. I have the personality type that constantly points out flaws or how things could be improved, which has been a fantastic asset to have when designing or re-designing work. My areas of specialty revolve around image enhancement, page layout and promotional graphics. 

Photography has been the bread and butter of my skill set; however, it is increasing more competitive than ever to use this skill only for full time work. Suffice it to say, that just about any photo need from advertisement/marketing to travel or portraiture I can meet. Nowadays I prefer to use images skillfully in my design work. 

Write what you know! What I know is how to write in a friendly, yet professional tone that allows my readers to walk away feeling informed and inspired. I've written exhaustively for my Bachelor's and Master's programs, several companies here in Nashville and my own business. Above all, I am a stickler for grammar, so my real skill is in editing; however, original content is something I'm comfortable taking on as well. 

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