^Outside Edinburgh, Scotland

^Outside Edinburgh, Scotland


Self-Preservation 8

My name is Michael Galo, and I’ve spent the past several years learning, failing and succeeding at the wild west that is digital marketing, focusing on social media. I’ve made my peace with the relationship between transparent creativity in marketing and analytics-based ROI measures. I’m grateful to say I’ve experienced the happy marriage of the two.

I’ve dabbled in email marketing with a local church, but I have primarily been using social media as my platform for branding and spreading the stories and missions of companies online. I currently manage the Well Coffeehouse’s digital marketing space. It’s been a tremendous learning experience from co-leading fundraising campaigns to sharing how we have best devoted our resources to clean water building projects. I can definitively say that I love working for non-profits, because marketing with no heart or genuine mission will fall on deaf ears. I love being able to share a genuine mission and story that just so happens to have all the operational components of a typical business.

Writing compelling stories is greatly enhanced when coupled with visuals in today’s world. My photo work as been featured on TwentyFour (app), Poler Stuff (outfitter), Instagram (app), OKDOTHIS (app) Picastock (website), and also among others. I’ve won contests such as the 5x5 Franklin Photo Contest and Joby Inc Mobile Photo Contest, as well as worked in product advertising with clients such as Salemtown Board Co, Arvo Wear, Krochet Kids Intl. & Wild Life Prints. I’ve also worked as a contributor to Picsastock, iStock and PhotoDune.  

Outside of work one of my greatest passions is to travel with my patient wife Leah. I have been fortunate enough to photograph and write internationally in the following countries: England, Saba, St. Maarten, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Vatican City, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Spain, Malta, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Slovakia, Australia, Chile, Peru, Ireland and Scotland.

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